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We are committed to revolutionizing laser optics through the use of advanced AI optimized meta-lenses.
Our goal is to design and deliver the highest performing optics for laser marking and machining applications with technology that can meet and exceed customer requirements. 

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Laser Marking


Precise laser marking and high power laser machining capabilities.

Laser Cutting


Robust and versatile solutions for high power laser cutting and laser machining applications.

Beam Shaping
Time of Flight



Oblate's cutting-edge lenses are more than just optical components; they are enablers of innovation across diverse and demanding fields.


Our capabilities showcase the breadth and depth of our technological expertise, from enhancing Time of Flight measurements with high-resolution LIDAR solutions to mastering the art of Beam Shaping for specialized optical applications.


We pride ourselves on our precision in Laser Marking, offering unparalleled accuracy and power in laser machining, and our prowess in creating Security Features, where we set new standards in anti-counterfeit technology with high-contrast, high-performance banknote security.


Each capability reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of optical science, delivering solutions that are not just effective but transformative.

Customized optical elements for beam shaping, diffractive optical (DOE), and diffuser applications.

High resolution LIDAR and time-of-flight optical solutions.

Upgrade your laser capabilities with our Extended Depth of Field lenses

Improve laser machining efficiency

With our advanced lenses, laser machining processes are more efficient, allowing for faster and more precise material removal.

Achieve precise laser marking

Our Extended Depth of Field lenses enable precise laser marking, ensuring clear and accurate markings on a variety of materials.

Enhance overall performance

Our lenses are engineered for optimal performance, delivering consistent and reliable results for laser marking and machining applications.

A pinnacle of precision optics, born from the fusion of advanced AI technology and expert engineering. These lenses redefine laser application standards by offering an expanded focus range, achieved through sophisticated AI algorithms that optimize lens design for clearer, more accurate results across varying depths. By integrating our AI-driven Extended Depth of Field lenses into your operations, you're not only enhancing your current laser tasks in areas like marking, cutting, and imaging, but also embracing a future where innovation and superior performance are seamlessly intertwined.

“Extended Depth of Field lenses have greatly improved the quality and precision of our laser marking process.”

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