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Defractive optic lense


In our quest to advance the frontiers of optical technology, we combine visionary engineering with groundbreaking AI to design lenses that aren't just tools, but catalysts of innovation. Every lens is built to specification to obtain the highest optical performance and ROI for our customers.

CTO holding Large Diameter Meta Lense
Large Diameter Optics


We employ proprietary design algorithms that redefine what is possible for optical innovation. At the heart of this advancement lies our patented AI optimized design software which is the culmination of years of research and development.

Discover how this technology is not just reshaping the landscape of precision optics but is also setting new benchmarks in the industry, empowering a wide range of applications from advanced laser machining to intricate optical solutions.


Our advanced optics have demonstrated performance for multiple industrial applications. 


Extreme-depth-of-field optics enable simplification of scanning and laser optics, lower cost, higher throughput and greater flexibility for customer systems.

Our meticulously crafted lenses stand at the forefront of optical innovation, offering extended depth of field and superior performance capabilities that set new industry standards. This graph illustrates the exceptional performance of our lenses, showcasing their ability to deliver clarity and precision across a wide range of applications.


Graph illustrating the exceptional performance of our lenses by showcasing their ability to deliver clarity and precision.

White Paper

Discover the potential of our technology by downloading our detailed white paper.  Just submit your email to gain exclusive access to this resource, and learn more about our vision and the future of optical innovation.

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